Points of Discussion in the General and Sectoral Meetings

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General Meetings and Section Meetings

General Meetings

Attended by all members of the Advisory Council

Section Meetings

Attended by Advisory Council members selected by the Chair
* Expert Meetings – Meetings including experts who facilitate the proceedings of section meetings

Macroeconomy Meetings
  • Establishment of mid and long-term directions of economic development
  • Analysis of macroeconomic trends and short-term economic outlook
  • Management of domestic economic risk factors, analysis of major issues regarding public finance • foreign exchange • banking sector and preparation of responses
Welfare Economic Meetings
  • Secure the living standard and job creation for middle class
  • Establishment of a fair rule-based market order
  • Implementation of an inclusive welfare policy
Innovative Economy Meetings
  • Establishment of innovation ecosystems, industry restructuring and enhancing industrial competitiveness, and promotion of entrepreneurial outlook
  • Preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution through advancements in science and technology, and ICT, and development of new growth engines
  • Redesign of regulations to foster innovations
International Economy Meetings
  • Analyze and monitor global financial measures related to exchange rates, global interest rates, capital flows, etc
  • Analyze and monitor trade and commerce issues, such as export diversification, as well as, responses to movements toward protectionism.
  • Strengthened strategic economic cooperation
Economic Policy Meetings
  • Discuss policy issues related to the creation of a framework for government administration, in a people-based economy
  • Analyze and monitor major economic issues and policy agendas that have significant impacts on the national economy
  • Discuss and adjustment of interdisciplinary issues related to numerous departments and agencies