The Council Members

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NEAC Vice Chair

NEAC Vice Chairman Jay-min Lee
Jay-min Lee

Honorary Professor, School of Economics Yonsei University

PhD in Economics, Harvard University
Chair, Korean Development Economics Association
Chair, The Korean Economic History Society

Section Head & Subcommittee Members (2017. 12. 27 ~ 2018. 12.26)

  • Sangyong Joo
    Sangyong Joo

    Professor, School of Economics Konkuk University / Section Head

    PhD in Economics, University of Wisconsin
    Research fellow, KIEP
    Cochair of the Korea Association of Social Science
  • Sang-In Park
    Sang-In Park

    Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration Seoul National University

    PhD in Economics, Yale University
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics Yale University
    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Taeyoon Sung
    Taeyoon Sung

    Professor, School of Economics Yonsei University

    PhD in Economics, Harvard University.
    Research fellow, KDI.
    Adviser, NEAC.
  • Seeun Jeong
    Seeun Jeong

    Professor, School of Economics Chungnam University

    PhD in Economics, University of Paris XIII
    Head of the Public Finance Reform Center(People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy)
    Work Review Committee Member, National Pension Service
  • Hoon Cho
    Hoon Cho

    Professor, Graduate School of Finance KAIST

    PhD in Business, University of Wisconsin
    Chair of the Forum Committee of The Korea Appraisal Society
    Member of the Investment Policy Advisory Committee of the National Pension Fund
  • Hong-Kyun Kim, Section Head
    Hong-Kyun Kim

    Professor, School of Economics Sogang University / Section Head

    PhD in Economics, University of Rochester.
    Member of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development (PCSD).
    Member of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning, Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
  • Kwi-Cheon Park
    Kwi-Cheon Park

    Professor, Ewha Law School Ewha Women’s University

    Doctor of Jurisprudence, Goethe University Frankfurt
    Member of the Gyeonggi Province Labor Relations Commission
    Member of the Social Rights Commission of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.
  • Chae-Yeol Yang
    Chae-Yeol Yang

    Professor, College of Business Administration Chonnam University

    PhD in Finance, Northwestern University.
    Senior Researcher, KISDI.
    Chairman, Korean Finance Association
  • Su-Chul Hwang
    Su-Chul Hwang

    Center for Food, Agricultural & Rural Policy (Director)

    PhD in Economics, Seoul National University.
    Member of the Commission on Agricultural Administration Reform, Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.
    CEO, Agricultural and Fishery Policy Forum.
  • Ki-Chan Kim, Section Head
    Ki-Chan Kim

    Professor of business School, The Catholic University of Korea / Section Head

    Ph.D. Business Administration, Seoul National University
    Director, UN Global Compact Network Korea
    President, International Council for Small Business (ICSB).
  • Eun-Hee Kim
    Eun-Hee Kim

    Professor, College of Business Administration, Chonnam National University

    Ph.D. in Management of Technology, Seoul National University
    Research Fellow, Economic Research Institute, Industrial Bank of Korea
    Visiting Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Young-Jae Ryu
    Young-Jae Ryu

    Sustinvest (CEO)

    MBA, Ashridge Business School
    Member of Financial Development Committee, Financial Services Commission
    Visiting Professor, KAIST School of Management.
  • Hye-Rin Park
    Hye-Rin Park

    Omnisystem (CEO)

    Master’s Degree, College of Engineering Yonsei University
    President, BIO-SMART Corporation CEO, Business On Communication Corporation CEO, LAMY Cosmetics Corporation
    Vice Chair, KITA Vice Chair, KOSDAQ.
  • MooWoen Rhee
    MooWoen Rhee

    Underwood Distinguished Professor at the school of Business, Yonsei University

    Ph.D. in Business Administration, Stanford University
    Shidler Distinguished Professor at the College of Business, University of Hawaii
    Head of the Industry Competitiveness Improvement Group for “National Growth”
  • Ji-Hwan Lee
    Ji-Hwan Lee

    Professor, KAIST College of Business, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

    Ph.D. in Strategic & International Management, London Business School
    Senior Research Fellow, SK Research Institute for SUPEX Management
    Professor, Ewha School of Business, Ewha Womans University.
  • Young-Rok Cheong, Section Head
    Young-Rok Cheong

    Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University / Section Head

    PhD in Economics, University of Southern California
    Minister, Econimic Affairs, Korean Embassy to China
    Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
  • Dong-Hwan Kim
    Dong-Hwan Kim

    Alternative Economic Research Institute (CEO)

    Masters of Business Administration, University of Birmingham
    Anchor, MBC Radio Program "Kim Dong Hwan’s The World and Us"
    CEO, Leading Investment Management
  • Yang-Hee Kim
    Yang-Hee Kim

    Professor, Department of Economics, Daegu University

    PhD in Economics, Tokyo University.
    Head of the Regional Research Center, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy.
    Senior Research Fellow, Samsung Economics Research Institute.
  • Eun-Mi Kim
    Eun-Mi Kim

    Professor, Department of International Trade, Chonbuk National University

    PhD in Political Economy, Texas State University
    Member of Domestic Measures following Trade Agreements, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
    Member, Committee of Supporting for SME Exporting Activities in Jeollabuk-do
  • Hyang-Jin Huh
    Hyang-Jin Huh

    President(9th), Jeju National University

    PhD in Business Administration, Sejong University
    Chancellor (8th), Jeju National University
    Director, International Peace Foundation